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WaveRunners SWIM GROUPS!! 2017

Below are the groupings for our summer swims.  Swim groups are based on ages as of the first day of the Gander Provincial Swim Meet.  Please ensure that your child attends his/her own group swim. Due to our numbers, we cannot permit swimmers to occasionally move to other groups due to vacation schedules etc. Many Thanks for your attention to this matter. If you have any concerns, as always , please feel free to contact any member of the executive!


Wave Runners Swim Groups
Purple Red Yellow Blue

Ava Oliger

David Rowe

Michael Hiscock

Lily Spurrell

Finley Newbury

Ava Gaulton

Jada Harnum

Liam Hampton

Lexie Cooper

Nicholas Blackmore

John Lynch

Ryan Harris

Cayden Ives

Jagger Hann

Stephanie Walters

Gavin Baggs

Chayse Sweetland

Sophie Oake

Callie Bitsack

Ryder Hickey

Joey Oliger

Rachel Avery

Keira Rolls

Ruth-Ann Rowe

Adam Penney

Taylor Giles

Emily Lynch

Joshua White

Olivia Parrott

Jayden Thistle

Evan Davidson

Lucas Hiscock

Gabe Greening

Laura Carville

Keara Short

Evan Williams

Leah Wiseman

Jocelyn Coates

Liam Bitsack

Logan Eddy

Brooke Adey

Jessica Oldford

Mya Davidson

Heather Prosser

Maggie Burt

Emily Norris

Victoria Hoyles

Sara Squibb

Megan Lambert

Raquel Stoyles

Jenna Matthews

Gabriel Barrett

Megan Chippett

Rayah Vokey

Skylar Thistle

Ella Sheppard

Ben Avery

Jillian Coates

Aidan Frye

Emma Vey

Hilary Seward

Zeyad Sharaf Eldean

Jasmine Avery

Harmoni Avery

Joel Peddle

Billie Wicks

Emma Bruce

Julianne Brockerville

McCall Ryles

Mia Winsor

Carla Stephenson

Isaac Avery

Andrew Mahar

Anna Byrne

Emma Tucker

Noah Bruce

Emily Philpott

Sophia Sheppard

Liam Prosser

Emma Squibb

Claire Organ

Tai Winsor

Keegan Rolls

Jack Ryles

Leo Bartlett

Melissa Barnes

Amy Stephenson

Jessica Stephenson

Maria Holloway

Holly Butt

Note: Swimmers who have not completed assessments are in red. They must complete an assessment prior to the swimming with their groups.

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